Commercial Grass Cutting

We really believe that first impressions count, especially when it comes to commercial premises, so we provide the highest standard to ensure a professional look to your customers. We understand the importance of constantly maintaining and improving your lawn, so tailor our service to suit your individual needs.

Tree Management

Pruning is vital for tree crops, not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also to ensure the health and longevity of the crop, promote fruit production, encourage natural disease control, and allow better distribution of sunlight. Our skilled team offer expertise in all forms of pruning and clearing services, so contact us today for advice.

Plant for Hire

Alford Land Services offer a professional plant hire service throughout the Highlands. Every service we provide is carried out to the highest standard and therefore we have built and reliable and trustworthy reputation in the industry.

Estate Management

As an estate/farm/forestry landowner, do you need a trustworthy and reliable single point of contact to take care of your ground maintenance programme?

Site Clearances

At Alford Land Services we offer a professional site clearance service for use during all landscaping/groundworks projects. We offer a machine and licensed operator service, fully compliant with all Health and Safety requirements. Our experienced operators are adept at assessing on-site risk (including ground/weather conditions and service ducts) to ensure a safe and successful project completion.