Tree Pruning

Pruning is vital for tree crops, not only from an aesthetic perspective, but also to ensure the health and longevity of the crop, promote fruit production, encourage natural disease control, and allow better distribution of sunlight. Our skilled team offer expertise in all forms of pruning and clearing services, so contact us today for advice.

Tree Felling

Skill and safety are paramount factors when it comes to tree felling. There are many risks to consider when undertaking these jobs, so we make sure that time and attention is put in at the planning and surveying stage to eliminate this hazards. We combine a wealth of experience with the latest tree felling equipment to ensure a safe and successful result.

Root / Branch Disposal

Dead or diseased tree roots can cause major problems for gardens, slabbing, landscaping and buildings meaning that these need to be skilfully removed. Our time served tree surgeons have the knowledge and capabilities to carry out stump and root removals of all sizes taking into account the many considerations. It is definitely not worth risking the damage to your property so if you’re in any doubt, please do get in touch.

Overgrown trees are hazardous to your premises and the people visiting it as well as an inconvenience. We pride ourselves on delivering a neat and tidy service, so with every branch removal and disposal we undertake, your garden will be looking better than ever and you won’t be left with the mess.

Storm Damage

When a storm hits or a tree falls a lot of damage can be caused to the local landscape or surrounding buildings. During the summer months, soil can become saturated which can cause tree roots and branches to weaken. We areon hand to safely break down and remove storm damaged trees. 

Firewood Processing

Check out our firewood processor available with operator. Turn your fallen trees into firewood today! 

Timber Purchase

Here at Alford Land Services we have the experience and knowledge to remove any of your trees safely. We can remove, process  and stack them so you can use them through the winter or remove them completely for you. 

If you are looking for winter timber please get in touch today!